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Shadows of Light ALBUM by Steve Parisien & Laurel Moore
(Winner October 2014 Akadmia Award - Best Album Jazz)

(Winner #1 hit song 'Another Grey Day' ('Shadows of Light' album)
Jan.2015 with KMIX Radio and affiliates)

This site is dedicated to the music collaborations of Steve Parisien and Laurel Moore.

Steve lives in Canada, and has been in the music business on the technical side all his life. In the last decade, and with some encouragement from many of his musical friends, Steve has recorded a lot of his original work. He continues to write new material, perform frequently on his own, and with his friends. Recently he has collaborated with Laurel Moore who has recorded several of his songs, arranged them, and mixed in Steve in some cases with his signature fingerstyle guitar playing he is so well known for.

Laurel lives in Qatar, and has work playing on 52,999 Radio Stations Worldwide. Their (Steve and Laurel) New song 'Wherever The Weather' is playing to 100+ million in store listeners worldwide. Inside 280+ Brands. Laurel is a Jazz Singer, Saxophonist, Musician and accomplished Painter. She has 7 US TV/FILM Publication Deals on her songs with Steve Parisien. Laurel's ''whispering tone'' is said to be ''hypnotic'' and sound like ''molten chocolate''! Her Saxophone playing has been compared in publications to Stan Getz. Jazz Singer and Saxophonist Laurel Moore was recently featured as a ''Notable New Jazz Artist' in New Jersey Jazz Society. Since signing with Musik and Film Laurel is now playing on 15000 Radio Stations Worldwide. Recently number 1* in New Zealand on Radio Six with her cover of 'The Girl From Ipanema'. 'My New Beginning' has been chosen to be featured song on 'Woman Of Substance' Radio in Los Angeles. Laurel has produced radio jingles/drops for JammChicago Radio where she is now 'Featured Artist' there. Laurel was also a finalist in 'UAE's Got Talent'.

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